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Oregon Will Send Crisis Response Team to Aid in the Relief of Victims

September 18, 2001

Attorney General Hardy Myers today announced that Oregon will send a Crisis Response Team trained by the National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA) to aid in the relief of victims of the September 11 attack on World Trade Center in New York.

"NOVA was contacted by New York State officials asking states to send teams of crisis responders," Myers said. "The teams have been asked to depart immediately for New York. Oregon's team is on its way."

The Oregon Department of Justice Crime Victims Assistance Section has trained more than 100 crisis responders in the NOVA model in the past three years. NOVA contacted the Section to coordinate the formation of an Oregon team. Seven Oregonians departed for New York last night. Several more are on standby in case they are needed. The team is scheduled to return on Saturday.

"The team's mission is to help local officials develop a trauma support network that will stay in place and be functioning after the NOVA team leaves," Myers said. "It will provide trauma response for survivors and training for those that are working the sites."

NOVA, a non-profit organization, pays the teams' expenses through donations. The Oregon team is joined by teams from Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania. Its members include:

  • Team Leader: Dr. Howard Lamley, Mental Health Specialist, Hood River
  • Jack Mount, Chaplain, St. Helens
  • Mark Baxter, Paramedic, Corvallis
  • Tina Morgan, Child Advocate, Eugene
  • Jan Slick, State Office of Services to Children and Families, Salem
  • Trey Malicoat, Director, Mother Oak's Child, Salem
  • Bruce Russell, Chaplain/Firefighter, Roseburg


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