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Attorney General Hardy Myers Today Expressed His Disappointment In The Continuous Delays In The Removal Of The Wreck Of The New Carissa, A Japanese Vessel That Was Grounded On The Beach At Coos Bay In February 1999 Due To Improper Operation

October 15, 2001

"Oregonians have been extremely patient waiting nearly three years for the owners and operator to remove this eyesore from one of Oregon's most pristine beaches," Myers said. "The responsible parties have had more than enough time to study the situation, come up with a plan to complete the removal of the New Carissa and restore our coastline."
"Little progress has been made in the last 32 months and it appears that the studies may continue indefinitely. This continuous delay forced us to seek the assistance of the courts," Myers said.

The Oregon Department of Justice filed a lawsuit October 2 charging the owners and operator of the vessel with trespassing on state lands. Named in the lawsuit filed in Coos County Circuit Court are Tokyo-based Taiheiyo Kaiun Company, Ltd. and its subsidiaries, Green Atlas Shipping, S.A. of Panama and TMM Company, Ltd., also of Tokyo, Japan.

The New Carissa, a chip carrier, grounded on state land near the north spit of Coos Bay on February 4, 1999. The responsible parties attempted to remove the grounded vessel but were unsuccessful and caused the carrier to break into pieces leaving behind massive sections on the beach.

The lawsuit asks the court to enjoin the defendants from trespassing on the beach at Coos Bay and asserts a storage charge of $1,500 a day, beginning from February 4, 1999, and continuing until the wreckage is completely removed. The State seeks monetary damages in an amount to be determined at trial.
The defendants have until November 7 to respond to the allegations in the Department of Justice complaint. Justice anticipates a trial date in Coos County in 2002.


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