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Attorney General Myers Files Court Actions Against Unlicensed Construction Contractors

June 13, 2002

Attorney General Hardy Myers today announced the filing of three lawsuits and a default judgment against four unlicensed construction contractors for taking money for work never performed or not completed.

Named in complaints filed in Lane County Circuit Court are Shawn Wayne Zimmerman of Springfield, who formerly did business as Zimmerman Roofing, Inc. and most currently as Zimmerman Roof Care, and Norman Wilder II of Independence, California, who did business in Oregon as Wilder Environment and Wilder Heating & Cooling. The Department of Justice also obtained a temporary restraining order against Zimmerman, putting him out of business until he is legally licensed and bonded by the Construction Contractors Board (CCB).

Zimmerman is alleged to have taken $4,700 from an elderly Springfield woman for roof repair and only partially repaired it. Investigators found that while claiming to use new materials, Zimmerman reused old flashing and vents and falsified an invoice from the Big R Shake Ridge Company to inflate the consumer's costs for materials by an additional $600.

In addition, Zimmerman in 1999 was named in two, $5000 actions by the CCB for contracting without a license. He has not paid those fines.

Wilder is being sued for failing to complete work contracted for in 2001 without being licensed by CCB and for taking more than $4,000 for heating and cooling work for the Kids Camp Christian Learning Center in Eugene that was never performed.

In Washington County Circuit Court, Justice filed a complaint against Donald Lynn Sutton of Beaverton, who does business as Northwest Fence and Decks, Inc. and Northwest Fence and Decks. The lawsuit alleges that Sutton was paid $1,975 to construct a fence for a Portland couple and failed to perform the work. The couple was not able to seek assistance through the CCB because Sutton was not legally licensed and bonded.

Justice also obtained a default money judgment from Washington County Circuit Court against Kelly Jean Valentine of Portland, who did business as Action Hardwood Floor Company without being licensed as a contractor through CCB.

Justice filed a lawsuit against Valentine in March 2002 alleging that he was paid more than $5,000 by a Hillsboro woman for installation of a hardwood floor and failed to complete the contract. Valentine removed the carpet and left the materials in the garage for the customer to dispose of at a cost of $530.

Under the judgment, Valentine is permanently barred from operating in the Oregon construction industry and must provide restitution to the Hillsboro victim. The judgment also includes a $25,000 civil penalty and $1,500 in attorneys fees paid to Justice.

Myers also announced recent actions taken against the following unlicensed construction contractors:

  • Robert T. Dodd of New Castle, Washington, dba Keysa Construction, Inc. and R&T Investments, LLC, complaint.
  • Brian Patrick West of Clackamas, dba Westbuilt Construction, Assurance of Voluntary Compliance.
  • Johnna M. and Steven A. Schumacher of Gilchrist, Oregon and Little River Log Homes, Inc., Assurance of Voluntary Compliance.
  • Eric Young of Cottage Grove, dba Young Construction Co., Default Judgment.
  • Del Isaacson of Salem, dba Able's Plumbing and Plumber in the Del, Assurance of Voluntary Compliance.
  • Robert Doan Sr. of Portland, Stipulated Judgment.
  • Todd Leslie Marois of Beaverton, dba Todd Marois Fenching, Complaint.
  • David Fay Woodruff of Portand, dba Jack's Construction & Roofing, Complaint and Preliminary Injunction.
  • Manning Diehr of Portland, dba Best Way Refinishing, dba Fantastic Finish, Mann Von Die Herrn LLC and Diehr Enterprises, LLC, Default Judgment
  • Michael Scott Brophy of Hillsoro, dba Brophy Landscape & Maintenance, Default Money Judgment
  • John Kakouris of Talent, dba John's Pruning Service, Default Money Judgment.

Consumers wanting licensure and complaint information about construction contractors in Oregon may contact the CCB at (503) 378-4610 or online at www.ccb.state.or.us. Brochures on choosing a contractor are available on the CCB web site or by calling the CCB automated publications line at (503) 378-4621, ext. 4974.

General information on construction contractors and their complaint history with Justice may be obtained by calling the Attorney General's consumer hotline at (503) 378-4320 (Salem area only), (503) 229-5576 (Portland area only) or toll-free at 1-877-877-9392. Justice is online at www.doj.state.or.us.


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