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Attorney General Announces Kamna Sentencing for Stealing from the Oregon Medicaid Program

September 23, 2002

Oregon Attorney General Hardy Myers today announced that a former North Coast Senior Services Agency (NCSS) employee was convicted of 12 felony counts including Submitting False Claims for Health Care Payment, Aggravated Theft, Computer Crime and Identity Theft. Tillamook County Judge David Hantke sentenced Barbara Louise Kamna to 93 months in prison, three years post-prison supervision, and to make over $250,000 in restitution.

As an office specialist with the agency, Kamna was responsible for entering data from invoices submitted by in-home caregivers paid with Medicaid funds. Based on the information from these invoices, the Department of Human Services (DHS) processes the claims and sends checks to the caregivers to pay them for their services.

In 1992, Kamna established an account listing her then-teenage daughter as a Medicaid-funded caregiver when, in fact, her daughter was not. For the next ten years, Kamna repeatedly created and entered data claiming that her daughter provided services to numerous Medicaid recipients. The claims were then processed by DHS, payment was sent to Kamna's post office box and deposited into her bank account. Over this time period, Kamna allegedly stole more than $250,000 from the Oregon Medicaid program by falsifying Medicaid claims for services not actually provided.

This case was investigated by the Oregon Department of Justice Medicaid Fraud Control Unit, and was being prosecuted by Medicaid Fraud Assistant Attorney General Sheen Wu through the Tillamook County District Attorney's Office.

"This prosecution and sentence sends a message that deceitful conduct when dealing with a state-funded program will not be tolerated, no matter who perpetrated the fraud," Myers said. "Especially in this time of state budget crisis, our Medicaid Fraud Unit will act to aggressively protect the integrity of the Medicaid Program so that the resources will be there for those truly in need."


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