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Attorney General Puts OR No Call On Hold Pending Decision By 10th Circuit Court

October 1, 2003

Oregon No Call Update- 11/03/04

Attorney General Hardy Myers today announced that the reactivation of Oregon's No Call List program is on hold until the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals decides whether to lift the U.S. District Court's injunction that prevents the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) from activating the National No Call program. The National Registry was to be implemented today as Oregon's No Call program ceased its operation.

"We must wait for the Tenth Circuit's decision to intelligently chart our course," Myers said. "If the Tenth Circuit rules against the FTC and leaves the injunction in force, we are ready to reactivate the Oregon No Call program immediately to protect the privacy of 184,000 Oregonians currently subscribing to Oregon's program. If the Tenth Circuit rules in favor of the FTC and lifts the injunction, allowing the federal No Call program to proceed, the Oregon No Call program is preempted and cannot continue to operate."

Myers explained that due to the nationwide popularity of the No Call programs, a quick decision is expected from the Tenth Circuit. "If it becomes apparent that it is going to be some time before the courts make a decision, we will revisit the issue of Oregon program reactivation," Myers added.


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