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September 30, 2005

Attorney General Hardy Myers today announced a new web-based customer service initiative in the Oregon Department of Justice Child Support Program. Effective immediately, parents who are served by the Oregon Child Support System may access online case records including payments received and distributed, case balance and the history of child support orders.

"Today's enhancements to the child support website will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the Oregon Child Support Program," Myers said. "More importantly, they will expand the availability of information to customers via the internet."

Parents with child support cases in the Oregon Child Support System can now access basic case records and review the current status of legal activity in their case.  The system requires users to provide basic case sensitive information to access individual records.

Judges and attorneys seeking information on pending legal actions may use the party's data to obtain general information about the case status.  The change will facilitate communication between the Oregon Child Support Program and the state judicial system as to pending domestic relations matters.

All information provided within the Child Support Case Status website is part of the public record information otherwise available from the Oregon Child Support Program.

For more information on this service, the Child Support Program web site is found at www.dcs.state.or.us.


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