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March 8, 2006

The Oregon Department of Justice, Division of Child Support today announced that the U.S. Bank® ReliaCard® , VISA® debit card has been added as a third payment option available to child support customers throughout Oregon. This decision follows a pilot program where users found the cards to be a safe and secure payment option.

ReliaCard® is the result of a public-private partnership between U.S. Bank® , the Oregon State Treasury and the Oregon Child Support Program. Once enrolled, child support customers' receive their child support payment as an electronic deposit to their debit card accounts. The ReliaCard® program is similar to the existing direct deposit program. However, ReliaCard® allows participation by customers who do not have, or prefer not to use, a checking or savings account.

"Safety and convenience are the two best reasons why our customers find the ReliaCard® an attractive option for payment," Attorney General Hardy Myers said. "Accepted worldwide, families using these cards will enjoy the benefits of getting cash, making purchases and being able to access child support payments anywhere."

"U.S. Bank is honored to have been selected to provide this service to the State of Oregon and their child support payment recipients," adds Christopher Shrier, U.S. Bank® Senior Product Manager. "For many, the ReliaCard® will represent a less costly and more convenient alternative to cashing support checks."

The Child Support Program has taken steps to make the enrollment process fast and easy. Forms are available at all Child Support offices and the Division of Child Support web site at http://www.dcs.state.or.us/.


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