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March 19, 2007

Employers Required To Pay Child Support Through Electronic Funds Transfer

Beginning April 2, 2007, Oregon employers will be required to remit child support payments for the Oregon Department of Justice (DOJ), Division of Child Support (DCS), through electronic funds transfer. The use of electronic funds transfer is one of several efficiency measures underway at DCS designed to reduce administrative costs and streamline payments for families.

Currently, an estimated seventy percent of all child support collections are sent to families through income withholding administered by employers. Implementation of the electronic funds transfer provides employers with an easier and more secure payment option.

Employers can choose two options that will enable them to make electronic funds transfer. One option can be completed using Automated Clearing House (ACH) credit transfers with the help of a financial institution or a payroll provider.

The second option is to use ACH debit using CSPay. CSPay was designed by DCS as a free, secure, web-based debit transaction, authorizing DCS to debit the employer's bank account for child support payments. The site allows employers to set up payment accounts, manage child support accounts, add and delete employee records and view payment records. A team of trained DCS professionals is available to assist employers with the electronic funds transfer process by calling 1-866-907-2857.

Oregon joins six other states requiring employers to use electronic funds transfer when submitting child support payments. Currently, in Oregon, 6,800 employers use electronic funds transfer voluntarily. Requiring all employers to use electronic funds transfer is part of DOJ's larger effort to reduce costs of operating the Oregon Child Support Program. For more information about electronic funds transfer, visit www.dcs.state.or.us/employers/eft.html.


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