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May 3, 2007

Attorney General's Task Force Hosting 3rd Sexual Assault Training for Oregon Prosecutors

On Tuesday, May 8th Attorney General Hardy Myers will kick off the third statewide training for prosecutors developed to address the practical prosecution problems associated with non-stranger sexual assault. The training will be held May 8, 9 and 10 at the Eugene Hilton. State and national trainers will be used to deliver a program that includes lecture, case scenario based activities and hands-on skill building workshops.

Under the auspices of the Sexual Assault Training Institute (SATI), the Task Force invited Herb Tanner, the Violence Against Women Project Training Attorney for the Michigan Prosecuting Attorneys Association, to offer his assistance and expertise in the development and delivery of this training. Mr. Tanner has participated in the development of the leading national curriculum on sexual assault prosecution, the National Institute for the Prosecution of Sexual Violence, and lectures nationally on prosecuting domestic and sexual violence. Stephanie Tuttle, a prosecutor with Marion County for 11 years and more recently an Assistant Attorney General will join Scott Healy, a Deputy District Attorney with Clackamas County and Herb Tanner in delivering the bulk of the training.

The training will feature a hands-on workshop on voir dire, the process by which jurors are selected, on Wednesday, May 9th from 9:00 am to 11:30 am. Community volunteers are needed to provide the participating prosecutors with an opportunity to practice the question and response process of voir dire. For more information please contact Candace Steffen at 541-284-8275 or candacesteffen@oregonsatf.org.

The SATI was created in late 2001 after a statewide Summit on sexual assault and several statewide surveys indicated the need for adequate, specific and quality training was a top priority in order to improve local and community response to adult and adolescent sexual assault.

The purpose of the Sexual Assault Training Institute is to increase:

  • victim safety
  • offender accountability;
  • and collaboration between criminal justice system responders and allied professionals.

This goal is achieved through the provision of regular, quality and professional discipline-specific and multidisciplinary trainings which are intended to increase knowledge, skills and victim sensitivity.

The first SATI training was held in early 2002. Since its inception, the SATI has trained well over 1,000 professionals in Oregon.

Currently, the SATI provides discipline specific training to:

  • law enforcement
  • prosecutors
  • nurses and medical staff (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner training)
  • victim advocates

Under the auspices of the SATI two prior sexual assault trainings for prosecutors have been held – June 2003 and June 2005. Comments from the June 2005 training include:

  • This was the most useful conference I have ever attended (all three days).
  • Excellent presentations and topic covered.
  • The presenters were excellent.

Heather J. Huhtanen, Training Director
Attorney General's Sexual Assault Task Force
Ph: 541-284-8275
Fax: 541-343-0316

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