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August 7, 2007

Attorney General Thanks Providence Health System For Donation To Sexual Assault Victims' Emergency Medical Response (SAVE) Fund

Attorney General Hardy Myers today expressed gratitude to Russ Danielson, chief executive of Providence Health System - Oregon Region, for Providence's $50,000 contribution to the state's Sexual Assault Victims' Emergency Medical Response (SAVE) Fund.

"Providence Health System should be commended for its efforts to support this very important cause that helps cover the cost of emergency medical care for victims of sexual assault," stated Myers. "The SAVE Fund was established as a program supported by donations and grants; no tax dollars are appropriated to it. I strongly encourage other private organizations and individuals to follow Providence's outstanding example of community support for sexual assault victims."

This is the second donation made by Providence in the fund's history. In 2004, $50,000 was donated by the company.

"Helping people when they are most vulnerable is a key part of our mission," said Danielson. "That's why Providence has maintained a strong interest in this program since it began."

The SAVE Fund was established by the Oregon Legislature in 2003 to cover the costs of emergency medical care and forensic exams for victims of sexual assault. Since March 2003, the SAVE Fund has provided medical services for 1,645 victims, 65% of whom reported having no health insurance. Over 1,200 forensic exams have been covered.

The Oregon Department of Justice (DOJ) administers the SAVE Fund and accepts donations over $10 online at www.doj.state.or.us/crimev/save_donate.shtml or by mail at DOJ Crime Victims Assistance Section, Promontory Plaza, 4035 12th Street SE, Salem, Oregon, 97302. Donations can remain anonymous or be made on another's behalf and are tax-deductible.


Stephanie Soden, (503) 378-6002
Gary Walker, Providence Health System, 503-215-7567 or gary.walker@providence.org |
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