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2012 Media Releases

December 2012

Dec 20 Rosenblum Enforces Pfizer Drug Settlements
Dec 13 Oregon's 20 Worst Charities For 2012
Dec 12 Accelerated Assistance To Witnesses Of Mall Shooting

November 2012

Nov 20 Black Friday Shopping Warning
Nov 15 DOJ Avandia Settlement

September 2012

Sep 24 Qualified Borrowers Who Lost Homes To Foreclosure May Be Eligible For Payment
Sep 13 DOJ Child Support Modification Program Ends
Sep 11 Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum To Present Recovered Money To Victim Of Telemarketing Scam

August 2012

Aug 30 Oregon DOJ Risperdal Settlement
Aug 21 Scam Alert: Watch Out for Medical Card Scams
Aug 9 Attorney General Rosenblum Announces New PIO
Aug 2 Arrest and Arraignment in Child Sexual Corruption Case
Aug 1 August is Child Support Awareness Month

July 2012

Jul 27 Sentencing in Water Law Case
Jul 23 Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum Announces Adoption Of Rules For Home Mortgage Loan Servicers
Jul 10 Statewide Foreclosure Avoidance Mediation Program Becomes Law
Jul 2 Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum Announces Oregon To Receive $6.7 Million From GlaxoSmithKline

June 2012

Jun 27 Department Of Justice Announces Settlement Over Deceptive Marketing To Veterans
Jun 15 Oregon Files Brief In Support Of Efforts To Curb Greenhouse Gas Pollution
Jun 14 RealNetworks Settlement May Offer Restitution For Oregon Consumers
Jun 13 Vanity Publisher Agrees To Pay Restitution And Change Sales Script
Jun 6 AG Kroger Statement On Ellen Rosenblum Appointment

May 2012

May 31 Scam Alert: Watch Out For Bogus Text Messages
May 16 Skechers Settlement Includes Consumer Refunds
May 7 Oregon Department Of Justice Announces $100 Million Consumer Protection Pharmaceutical Agreement

April 2012

Apr 25 DOJ Commemorates National Crime Victims' Awareness Week
Apr 24 Statement By Attorney General John Kroger
Apr 23 Sentencing In Major Drug Trafficking Case
Apr 2 Scam Alert: Tax Preparer Scams

March 2012

Mar 27 Oregon DOJ Files Amicus Brief In Foreclosure Lawsuit
Mar 22 Columbia County Man Sentenced In Water Pollution Case
Mar 21 AG Kroger Announces Civil Rights Settlement With City Of Salem
Mar 20 Oregon AG Kroger Announces Landmark $3.34 Agreement With Pfizer
Mar 13 Major Drug Trafficking Organization Investigation
Mar 8 Top 10 Consumer Complaints 2011
Mar 6 Eugene Man Arraigned On Child Pornography Charges
Mar 2 Oregon Department Of Justice Reaches Civil Rights Settlement With Salem Car Dealership

February 2012

Feb 27 Columbia County Man Convicted Of 27 Counts Of Water Pollution
Feb 24 AG Kroger Announces Civil Rights Agreement
Feb 17 Oregon Attorney General John Kroger Announces Filing Of U.S. Supreme Court Brief In Support Of Constitutionality Of Health Care Reform
Feb 14 Oregon Seeks To Lead Securities Lawsuit Against Bank Of New York Mellon
Feb 7 Letter To Governor John Kitzhaber Re 9th Circuit Opinion Striking Down California's Proposition 8
Feb 1 Oregon AG Kroger Issues Statement On Multi-State Agreement With Major Lending Institutions

January 2012

Jan 30 Statement By Attorney General Kroger On Marion County Judicial Appointment
Jan 19 Scam Alert: Foreclosure Review Scam
Jan 17 Philip Morris To Pay Oregon Punitive Damages Award
Jan 9 Lane County Health Care Fraud Conviction
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