Boys and Men of Color: Healing from Systemic and Interpersonal Trauma

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July 1, 2020 @ 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Please join us for this virtual roundtable to engage in an intergenerational conversation about the hurt, pain, and rage experienced by boys and men of color. Panelists will contextualize the role of racial and historical trauma within the experience of interpersonal violence and trauma. Insight on how trauma symptomatology for men of color has often been criminalized and a hypersensitivity of Black and Brown male masculinity can contribute to over-policing Black and Brown communities, police brutality and murder, dehumanization, and mass incarceration will be explored. Panelists will share the ways in which boys and men of color have been harmed, both interpersonally and systemically, and the different ways we have healed and can heal moving forward. Participants will hear from panelists the holistic ways their work has supported the healing process of male survivors of color. Moderated by Richard Smith, from National Resource Center partner agency Common Justice, featuring panelists Lisa Good, Bruce Purnell, Bella BAHHS, and Alexander Davis.