About the Oregon Department of Justice

The Oregon Department of Justice (DOJ) serves state government while supporting safe and healthy communities throughout Oregon.

Every day, we are dedicated to:

  • Providing ethical, independent and high quality legal services to state government
  • Safeguarding consumers from fraud and unfair business practices
  • Fighting crime and helping crime victims
  • Advocating for vulnerable children
  • Supporting families through the collection of child support
  • Enforcing environmental protections
  • Defending the civil rights of all Oregonians
  • Pursuing justice and upholding the rule of law

The Oregon DOJ serves as general counsel for all legal proceedings affecting the state.

The Oregon DOJ has programs in ten divisions, including child support, district attorney assistance, crime victim compensation, charitable activity oversight and consumer protection services.

Our biennial budget is approximately $603 million. The Oregon DOJ is committed to diversity and has roughly 1,379 employees throughout the state.

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