Request DOJ Public Records

Requesting Public Records

You may submit a public records request to the Oregon Department of Justice (DOJ) using the link below. Or you may submit a request by email, mail or fax.

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Request Oregon DOJ Public Records »
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Public Records Costs and Fees

You may be required to cover the cost to fulfill your records request. Fees are sometimes waived or reduced if doing so is in the public interest. Costs may include locating, photocopying, reviewing, redacting and mailing the documents.

Staff time is charged as follows:

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Coordinator: $93/hr
  • Investigator: $108/hr
  • Paralegal or Information Technology Staff: $79/hr
  • Law Clerk: $39/hr
  • General Clerical: $47/hr
  • Assistant Attorney General: $143/hr

If it is necessary to use outside resources to comply with the request, the actual costs may be charged.

Visit the Department of Justice’s Administrative Rules » for more information on fees for public records and publications.