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Title Cost
Attorney General’s Administrative Law Manual and Uniform and Model Rules of Procedure Under the APA – 2019 $65.00
Attorney General’s Public Contracts Manual – 2010 $65.00
Attorney General’s Public Records and Meetings Manual – 2019
PDF and HTML versions are available online (free)
Attorney General’s Opinions Bound Volumes
Vol 20 (1940-42) through Vol 49 (1997-01) with 2 volume index
Attorney General’s Letters of Advice Index 1969 – 1983 $20.00
Attorney General’s Letters of Advice Index 1983 – 1988 $40.00
Search and Seizure Manual – 2020, PDF Version (by email only) $35.00
Oregon Criminal Reporter – 2014, PDF Version (by email only) $35.00
Oregon Child Support Program – Self-Assessment Report (PDF) Free

Key Performance Measures (KPMs)

Oregon DOJ Forms

Consumer Protection Forms

We are dedicated to protecting consumers in the marketplace, primarily by enforcing Oregon’s Unlawful Trade Practices Act.

Public Records Forms

We provide online forms to make filing a public records request as easy as possible.

Charitable Activities Forms

If your organization is registered with the Oregon DOJ, you must file an annual report.

SB 111: Officer-Involved Use of Deadly Force Resulting in Death

Telemarketing Registration Forms

Telephonic sellers are required to register certain telephone sales promotions. Learn more about telemarketing registration requirements.

Garnishment Forms

We provide garnishment forms as a courtesy for state and county officials.

Child Support Forms

We work to ensure that every Oregon child receives the financial and emotional support they need to grow and thrive. Forms provided include applications, requests, worksheets and more.