Appeal a State Agency’s Public Records Denial

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    What can I do if a government agency denies my request for public records?

    A public records denial by a state agency, board or commission may be appealed free of charge to the Oregon Attorney General. Denials of requests for fee waivers or reductions may also be appealed.

    Petition for Public Records Order – Fill out this form to appeal a state agency’s denial of your request for records or fee waiver.

    It is helpful to include with your petition the agency’s written explanation for denying your request, or any other relevant correspondence.

    A denial by a local government such as a county, city, school district or special district must be appealed to the county district attorney. If the Attorney General or District Attorney denies your appeal, you may file a lawsuit challenging the ruling in Circuit Court.

    What can I do if my records request is denied by an elected official?

    If an elected official, such as a mayor or a sheriff or a statewide elected official denies your request for public records, you cannot appeal to the Attorney General or District Attorney. To challenge the decision, you must file the lawsuit in Circuit Court.