Administrative Services

Administration Services provides coordination and policy direction for all administrative functions in the Oregon Department of Justice.

Within this Section

    Phone: (503) 378-5555 | Fax: (503) 378-8732

    Division Administrator – Currently Under Recruitment


    Accounting Services

    Dania Ballard, Accounting Manager

    The Accounting Services Section is responsible for the Oregon DOJ’s financial and business functions.

    Human Resources

    Jennifer Schaffner, Human Resources Director

    Human Resources serves the Oregon DOJ’s approximately 1,300 employees and advises managers in all areas of employee supervision.

    Information Services

    Richard Rylander, Chief Information Officer

    This section provides centralized information services planning for the Oregon DOJ. Staff provide support for all computer and network projects within the legal divisions.


    Archana Thapa-Sherpa, Director of Facilities Management & Procurement

    The Operations Section oversees the Oregon DOJ’s physical facilities. Operations is the main contact for questions related to space planning, leasing and other concerns related to office buildings. They also serve as liaison with Administrative Services on questions related to state central services, such as facilities, printing, motor pool and purchasing.