Lean for the Nonprofit

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December 6, 2017 @ 8:30 am - 10:30 am

$35 – $65

Is your organization experiencing funding cutbacks? Is there an increased demand for your organization’s services and products? The former Toyota Production Management System, now called Lean, is an answer to these challenges.

This training will show how the customer-centric Lean methodology can take costly waste out of your workflows and improve the delivery speed and quality of your services.

After this training, you will understand:

  • What Lean is…and is not
  • Where it “came from”… (And why it is not going away!)
  • What it can do for your nonprofit … (The same thing it has done for hospitals, local governments, schools, Boeing, Starbucks, Southwest Airlines, U.S. Air Force, etc.)
  • How Lean Improvement Workshops can build morale, increase the business acumen of staff and volunteers, and insist on collection of simple data for decision-making

After this training, you will have practiced:

  • Developing a SIPOC diagram of a key process
  • Developing an inventory of processes for your organization

After this training, you will take home:

  •  Lessons on how to apply Lean tomorrow!
  • A beginner’s blueprint for implementing Lean in your organization


Sheilah “Paddy” O’Brien, Lean Coach and Author, O’Brien Lean