Am I eligible for the ACP?

Posted in on June 15, 2017

To be eligible for the ACP you must live in Oregon, and be over 18 years old*, and be a victim of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, or human trafficking, and have recently relocated (or are about to relocate) to... View Article

How can I apply for the ACP?

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To apply for the ACP you must meet with an Application Assistant (AA) in your area. The AA is a victim advocate designated by the Attorney General who helps you: conduct safety planning. understand the program services, participant rights and... View Article

What kind of mail can be forwarded?

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All first-class, certified, and registered mail is forwarded. Magazines, packages and junk mail are not forwarded. Packages are refused at the Post Office and returned to the sender. Magazines and junk mail are confidentially shredded and recycled. The ACP may... View Article

Is ACP like a witness protection program?

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No. The program cannot hide you or help you “go underground”. Although a recent confidential relocation is required to apply, the ACP does not offer financial assistance to help you move or obtain suitable housing.

Is participation in ACP confidential?

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There are times when the ACP may disclose your participation status to a governmental agency, such as a school, the Department of Motor Vehicles, a public library, or the Child Support Program. However, verification of participation with a private entity... View Article

Can other household members participate in ACP?

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Yes. A spouse or domestic partner and any minor children who live in the same household may also receive ACP services.  All household members over the age of 18 must be listed as a co-applicant on the primary applicant’s application... View Article

Does participation in ACP expire?

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Program participation lasts four years, unless otherwise cancelled or withdrawn. Participation can be renewed for an additional four years prior to expiration. Prior to your expiration date please print, sign and submit the renewal form to ACP. The form can be... View Article