What is the National Medical Support Notice (NMSN)?

Posted in on June 22, 2017

NMSN is a two-part notice sent to employers from a child support agency. Its purpose is to ensure that children receive health care coverage when it’s available. It is required as part of a child support order. Nationally, all child... View Article

What is included in the NMSN?

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Part A of the NMSN includes a notice to Withhold for Health Care Coverage (Health Care Notice), the employer’s response form and instructions. Part B includes a Medical Support Notice to the plan administrator, the plan administrator’s response form and... View Article

When is the NMSN sent to employers?

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Once an employer is matched to a non-custodial parent’s case in which the parent is ordered to provide health care coverage for his/her child(ren) and no coverage is being provided, federal and state laws require that the NMSN be sent... View Article

When must health care coverage withholding start?

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The notice for health care coverage requires withholding for the cost of health care as soon as Part B is returned and the employer determines the employee’s income is sufficient. The limit is set at 50 percent of disposable income... View Article

When will health care coverage withholding stop?

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The withholding order for health care coverage remains in effect until you are notified by the issuing child support agency or receive a court order regarding any changes. However, even if we dismiss the withholding order for health care coverage,... View Article

What if the employee terminates?

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You must notify the issuing child support agency promptly when the employee leaves providing the termination date and the employee’s last known home address. If known, the employer may also provide the new employer’s name and address, as well as... View Article

Who completes Part A of the NMSN?

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The employer completes Part A, indicating whether the employee is eligible for dependent health care coverage. If the employer determines the employee is eligible the employer retains Part A and forwards Part B to the plan administrator.