What can I do if I suspect price gouging?

Posted in on March 19, 2020

If you suspect price gouging, try to get as much information as possible before reporting. Take a picture of the posted price, advertisement or online listing. If you are in a store, take a picture of the item and note... View Article

When is a price “unconscionably excessive”?

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On its face, a price is unconscionably excessive if it is 15 percent or more higher than either (1) the price the merchant sold the same item for immediately before the market disruption commenced, or (2) the price the same... View Article

Who is covered by Oregon’s price gouging law?

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The law covers merchants (retail businesses) and wholesalers that sell essential consumer goods or services. The law does not cover non-merchants, public bodies or most utilities.

What is price gouging?

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In Oregon, it is unlawful to offer or sell essential consumer goods or services at an “unconscionably excessive price” after the Governor declares that an abnormal disruption of the market exists.