Klamath County Sheriff Frank Skrah Charged with 9 Counts

September 11, 2015
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Counts include harassment, attempted assault, assault, official misconduct and strangulation

The Oregon Department of Justice today announced the indictment of Klamath County Sheriff Frank Skrah in Klamath County. The Klamath County Grand Jury charged Sheriff Skrah with a total of nine counts, including three counts of harassment, three counts of official misconduct in the first degree, one count of attempted assault in the fourth degree, one count of assault in the fourth degree and one count of strangulation. 

At today’s arraignment, Sheriff Skrah appeared with counsel and he did not enter a plea. The conditions of his release include, but are not limited to, no patrol and no conducting of or participating in traffic or criminal stops. He can also have no direct physical contact with suspects or inmates.

“All law enforcement officers, including Sheriff Skrah, are sworn to uphold the law in Oregon. The grand jury has determined there is a basis to bring charges based on his actions, including the use of excessive force and the failure to perform required duties. As with all persons charged with a crime, he is innocent until proven guilty,” said Attorney General Rosenblum.

Sheriff Skrah was arraigned on the indictment in Klamath County Circuit Court at 1:30 P.M. His next court appearance will be October 19, 2015.

In April, 2015, the Oregon Department of Justice began a criminal investigation involving allegations surrounding Sheriff Skrah. 

A copy of the indictment can be found here.


Kristina Edmunson, Department of Justice, Kristina.Edmunson@doj.state.or.us, 503-378-6002