January 5, 2009
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Attorney General John R. Kroger announced a new mission statement for the Oregon Department of Justice as well as a plan to name the main Justice Building after his predecessor, Hardy Myers

Today, John R. Kroger was sworn in as Oregon’s new Attorney General in a packed room at the Oregon Supreme Court. Mr. Kroger used the occasion to announce a new mission statement for the Department of Justice that focuses on enforcing the law and protecting Oregonians.

Attorney General Kroger took the oath of office from Supreme Court Chief Justice Paul J. De Muniz and was also welcomed by Governor Ted Kulongoski, a former Oregon Attorney General.

“As your Attorney General, I will get up every day and work as a hard as I can to protect you and your family,” said Kroger. “My priorities are clear: fighting crime, protecting the environment, and defending children and consumers.”

Attorney General Kroger also announced that he will ask the legislature for a Joint Resolution to name the current Justice Building in honor of his predecessor, Hardy Myers.

“I have great respect for Hardy Myers,” Kroger said. “He was a great Attorney General and a great Speaker of the Oregon House. His career exemplifies the values we hold dear at the Oregon Department of Justice: integrity, public service, and commitment to the rule of law.”

The Department’s new mission statement reflects the priorities Kroger first declared in his campaign. The new mission statement reads:

The mission of the Oregon Department of Justice is to provide outstanding legal and child support services to Oregonians and their government.

We are dedicated to:

  • Fighting crime and protecting crime victims
  • Improving child welfare
  • Protecting the environment
  • Fighting for Oregon consumers, workers, investors, and taxpayers
  • Promoting a positive business climate
  • Providing great legal services to Oregon’s state government; and
  • Defending the rights of all Oregonians.

The Attorney General is the chief law enforcement and legal officer in the state and oversees the state’s Division of Child Support. Kroger has made fighting crime, environmental protection, child welfare, civil rights and consumer protection his five primary priorities.

Copies of the previous Department of Justice mission statement are available on request


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