On Steps of US Supreme Court, AG Rosenblum Rallies Abortion Rights Supporters

March 26, 2024
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Speaking at an ACLU-organized rally on the steps of the United States Supreme Court this morning, Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum made an impassioned defense of abortion as essential healthcare, and of medication abortion as a key part of those healthcare rights. The rally coincided with arguments being presented inside the Supreme Court in the AHM (Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine) v. FDA (Food & Drug Administration) case.

“It was an honor to be with so many champions of reproductive justice on the front lines of the fight for access to essential health care,” said AG Rosenblum.  “The energy was infectious and gave me hope and renewed energy for the continued fight.”

AG Rosenblum spoke alongside sister Attorney General Letitia James of New York. The two AGs were part of a roster of speakers from across the nation who gathered in Washington, DC to rally on behalf of access to safe and legal abortion, which includes safe and legal access to the early abortion medication mifepristone (marketed as Mifeprex™ by Danco Laboratories).

“Mifepristone is part of the gold standard of care for medication abortion, and we will not compromise on that,” AG Rosenblum said at the rally.  ” Here we are– in 2024—confronting real threats to reproductive freedom, once again.  Without access [to safe medication]  there is simply no such freedom.”

After the rally, AG Rosenblum attended the ” America Votes” State Summit along with AG James, who addressed the attendees. Also in attendance was sister Oregonian, Barbara Smith Warner, Executive Director of the National Vote at Home Institute.