Oregon Attorney General Rosenblum Sues Oracle

August 22, 2014
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Salem–Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum today sued Oracle America, Inc., and a number of its high-level executives, for defrauding Oregonians in connection with Oracle’s failure to provide a timely and functional health exchange website.

The civil complaint, filed in Marion County Circuit Court, demands recovery of the state’s and Cover Oregon’s financial losses, as well as penalties for the damages caused by Oracle’s broken promises, fraud, racketeering, and false claims for payment. It alleges that Oracle officials repeatedly made numerous false statements and that Oracle submitted false claims to the state and Cover Oregon for hundreds of millions of dollars based on those false statements. In addition, the 126 page complaint asserts that Oracle overcharged for poorly trained personnel who performed incompetently, hid from the state and Cover Oregon the true status of its abysmal progress, made promises it could not fulfill, repeatedly failed to meet critical deadlines, and failed to fix–but demanded payment for–shoddy work.

“Today’s lawsuit clearly explains how egregiously Oracle has disserved Oregonians and our state agencies,” said Attorney General Rosenblum. “Over the course of our investigation, it became abundantly clear that Oracle repeatedly lied and defrauded the state. Through this legal action, we intend to make our state whole, and make sure taxpayers aren’t left holding the bag,” Rosenblum added.

Click here for a copy of the complaint.


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