Oregon Joins ACA Health Care Subsidies Lawsuit

October 13, 2017
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Oregon joined a multi-state lawsuit against the Trump administration’s recent Executive Order that will stop certain ACA healthcare subsidies. In response to filing the lawsuit, AG Rosenblum said:

“Oregon, along with 18 other states, is joining California’s lawsuit against the President — defending ACA payments that help many families access affordable health insurance. Once again, the White House has made a rash, ill-conceived decision that will have a devastating impact on many vulnerable Oregonians. I refuse to sit by! The President should be in the business of helping—not wrecking– Americans’ financial bottom lines and access to quality health care. These ACA subsidies are a vital funding source that keep insurance premiums manageable. As we have been since January, state Attorneys Generals will work together to make sure this Executive Order does not cause absolute chaos for the American people and our health insurance markets. We deserve better from our leader.”