December 21, 2011
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The Oregon Department of Justice has received a recent onslaught of complaints from Oregonians reporting repeated calls from telemarketers that use the name “Card Services” or “Account Services.” These calls come from marketing firms that pass you off to a company promising to lower your interest rates for a fee. Many of them originate out of the country but appear to come from an Oregon area code, because they are using phone technology to spoof the caller ID. These calls are frustrating and intrusive. Unfortunately, the deceptive tactics employed by the callers also make them next to impossible to trace and hinder our ability to stop them.

If you are receiving these calls, check with your phone service provider to find out what blocking services they offer. The operations making these calls are ignoring the National Do Not Call Registry, and the Federal Trade Commission is actively involved. They have already filed several lawsuits and more are expected. For more information or to file a complaint, please call 1-888-382-1222 or visit


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