How much do compensation benefits cover?

Posted in on June 15, 2017

Compensation through the Oregon Crime Victims’ Compensation Program varies on a case-by case basis. Awards may include: $20,000 for reasonable medical and/or counseling expenses from a licensed provider (QMHP, LCSW, LPC, PhD, MD). If the claim is approved, CVC can... View Article

Do compensation benefits expire?

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The expirations for benefits vary, depending on age and relation: Adult victims must use their claim within three years after the date the claim was accepted. Family members of homicide victims must use claims for counseling within five years after... View Article

How is compensation determined?

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We process each application we receive by obtaining police reports, medical reports and any other information necessary to make a fair determination. An individual’s benefits, such as health and auto insurance, sick leave, medical disability, Social Security,  and compensatory fines... View Article