I didn’t receive the full amount of the third Economic Impact Payment and am claiming the 2021 Recovery Rebate Credit. Can it be intercepted for past-due child support? (posted 5-6-2022)

Posted in on May 6, 2022

Yes. Although Congress exempted the third Economic Impact Payment checks or direct payments from the federal tax offset program for past-due child support, Recovery Rebate Credits are not exempt. Any refund on your 2021 tax return—including the impact of the 2021 Recovery Rebate Credit—generally... View Article

Quarantine, school closures, or travel restrictions due to the pandemic has changed the amount of time my child spends with both parents. Does that change the amount of child support? (updated 9-20-2021)

Posted in on April 9, 2020

Monthly court-ordered support amounts cannot be changed unless a modification is completed. However, you and the other parent may wish to make a private arrangement or work with a mediator for additional assistance beyond child support. More information about mediation... View Article