Oregon Sunshine Committee 2019 Public Notice

September 27, 2019
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The next meeting of the Standing Subcommittee of the Oregon Sunshine Committee is scheduled for Thursday, October 3, from 10-noon. The topic of the meeting will be responding to public records requests for bulk data.

Location: Law Offices of Eileen Eakins, in Tigard, 7455 SW Bridgeport Road, Suite 205. It is in the second floor professional offices above the Bridgeport Village shops, accessible through the glass double doors caddy corner to the parking garage. To attend by phone, please call 877-275-1177, passcode 1029396#. The meeting will not be lived streamed.

The tentative agenda includes:

  1. Reviewing the subcommittee’s discussion from June 12 meeting regarding bulk data requests.
    • Definition of “bulk data”
    • Data Transfer/Limited Use Agreements
    • Government entities’ rights and limitations
  2. Reviewing information from DOJ regarding laws that apply to private sector management of bulk personal information.
  3. Solicit/consider input from state IT personnel regarding practical issues for managing large-scale requests.
  4. Identify specific recommendations for the Legislature to consider.
  5. Schedule next meeting (if indicated).

Meeting materials and updates will be available at:   https://www.doj.state.or.us/oregon-department-of-justice/public-records/public-records-reform/