Registration for the 3rd Annual Attorney General Rosenblum’s Elder Abuse Conference is now OPEN!

August 2, 2018
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Welcome ​to ​Attorney ​General ​Ellen ​Rosenblum’s ​Third ​Annual ​Elder ​Abuse ​Conference to be held on Wednesday, November 07, 2018 4:00 PM through Friday, November 09, 2018 12:00 PM (Pacific Time) in Bend, OR.

Register ​here » ​for ​a ​comprehensive ​conference ​for ​law ​enforcement, ​district ​attorneys, ​deputy ​district ​attorneys, ​U.S. ​Attorneys ​serving ​in ​Oregon, ​Adult ​Protective ​Services, ​medical ​professionals, ​and ​individuals ​employed ​by ​federal, ​state ​or ​local ​governments.* Registration closes on Wednesday, October 31, 2018. 

With ​nearly ​20 ​speakers ​on ​topics ​from ​how ​to ​deal ​with ​cognitive ​impairments ​to ​where ​to ​get ​services ​for ​victims, ​this ​year’s ​conference ​– ​now ​a ​half-day ​longer ​– ​promises ​to ​be ​bigger ​and ​better! Click here to see a copy of the agenda.

The ​cost ​to ​attend ​is ​$150 ​a ​person ​and ​does ​not ​include ​lodging.

*If ​you ​are ​NOT ​a ​government ​employee ​and ​would ​like ​to ​register ​for ​the ​conference, ​please ​contact ​Ellen ​Klem ​at ​