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SB795 Advocate Webinar

Posted in on December 11, 2017

SB795 passed during the 2017 session, and requires that medical personnel and law enforcement dispatch an advocate when a survivor presents for medical-forensic care. This 60-minute webinar will cover how the law provides survivors with access to in-person information about

Understanding Sexual Assault and Victimization

Posted in on November 30, 2017

Building the Foundation for Civil Legal Advocacy– The Victim Rights Law Center invites you to participate in Understanding Sexual Assault and Victimization: Building the Foundation for Civil Legal Advocacy, a free, online course that consists of an interactive, web-based training module; a

Housing First and Rapid Re-Housing for Survivors

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Presenters:  Kris Billhardt, National Alliance for Safe Housing (NASH) and Linda Olsen, Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence (WSCADV) The webinar examines how new approaches employed by a growing number of victim services programs can support safe and stable housing

Human Trafficking: Inside the Survivor’s Mind

Posted in on November 15, 2017

Explain the definition of sex trafficking and describe why this is a serious problem that needs our attention. Demonstrate why victims are not often identified as we look at a survivor’s police record to show the invisible signs of trafficking.

Intro to Oregon’s Crime Victim Compensation & Address Confidentiality Programs

Posted in on February 14, 2017

Learn more about Oregon’s Crime Victims’ Compensation and Address Confidentiality Programs. The CVCP works to ease financial burden suffered by hundreds of Oregonians each year. This training includes information about program eligibility and benefits, the application process and how payments