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Oregon State Victim Assistance Basic Academy

Posted in on February 12, 2018

The Oregon State Victim Assistance Basic Academy (Basic Academy) provides fundamental education for victim service providers and allied professionals who routinely interact with victims of crime. The Basic Academy will require online distance learning on select dates in January and

How to Navigate Amidst Overwhelming Times

Posted in on January 29, 2018

Whether because of trauma, crises, or really, really hard days– Please join us for a day of raising awareness of trauma, vicarious trauma, and systematic oppression. Each event will be a foundational training These workshops will address how we’re being

Maintaining Your Balance – Resiliency Action Plan

Posted in on December 19, 2017

How do law enforcement professionals maintain their success? They have a resiliency action plan! This webinar will focus on maintaining resiliency throughout your career and life. Both law enforcement professionals and their family/friends should register for this webinar!