Other Vehicle Resources

Of course, buying a new or used vehicle is only the first step. The Federal Trade Commission » has a number of resources that could help after you drive your vehicle off the lot.

Auto Repair Basics

What you need to know about finding a mechanic, understanding an estimate, preventative maintenance and how to recognize a problem before it becomes a bigger problem.
Auto Repair Basics »

Saving Money on Gas

It is possible to save money at the pump. Here are a few tips for stretching your gas money. Are those gas-saving products worth the cash? What about high-octane gasoline?
Gas money »

Vehicle Repossession

If you’re late with your car payments, or in some states, if you don’t have adequate auto insurance, your vehicle could be taken away from you. What are your rights if your vehicle is repossessed?
Repossession »

Renting a Car

Sometimes you have to leave your car at home. This guide includes everything you need to know about renting an automobile.
Renting a Vehicle »