Employment Scams

People are always looking for a little extra income. Scam artists are no different, hoping to capitalize on people who have lost jobs or are just trying to make ends meet.

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Most Common Types of Employment Scams

Work-at-Home Scams

  • Typically found in Craigslist ads and classifieds
  • Usually sound too good to be true
  • Will often require up-front costs for training, supplies or equipment to perform the job – which may never pay off
  • Might pay with a counterfeit check or stolen bank account
  • Will sometimes direct you to wire money for the purchase of home office furniture, supplies or other employment-related purposes

Bogus Placement Firms

  • Typically offer appealing prospects to the unemployed
  • Often misrepresent their services or promote ads for jobs that don’t exist
  • Tend to charge excessive fees in advance for information that is free or for work that does not produce results
  • Will usually guarantee employment
  • Might be reluctant to answer your questions
  • Will use high-pressure sales tactics to get your business
  • Will try to rush you into signing a contract

Premature Credit Checks

  • Typically post fake “help wanted” ads to lure you into offering sensitive personal information
  • Often request your social security or bank account number, or a copy of your credit report, before you have even been interviewed

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