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Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR)

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Policy On Appropriate Dispute Resolution

A fundamental function of government is the orderly management of conflict and resolution of disputes. The appropriate method to resolve any given dispute can only be chosen after a careful assessment of the facts and circumstances of the case, including the interests of the parties, the nature of the dispute, and any statutory or policy restrictions governing the use of a particular dispute resolution process.

In accordance with ORS 183.502, the Department encourages the use of collaborative problem-solving processes, which enable decision-makers and affected parties to jointly engage in problem-solving procedures and which produce mutually beneficial agreements. The Department is committed to the design, development and implementation of innovative, flexible and accessible conflict resolution processes and to assisting staff and clients in the use of these processes.

The Department of Justice affirms the responsibility of all its employees to make every effort to address disputes as early and effectively as possible, in order to provide more creative and durable resolutions to conflict and to reduce dispute resolution costs.

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