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Mediation And Facilitation Opportunities For Private Mediators

​Agencies that have an ongoing need for mediators typically conduct their own procurement process to establish a roster of mediators qualified for that particular need. See for example the Department of Education, Department of Agriculture, DHS adoption program mediation services and the mediation program recently established by the Oregon Patient Safety Commission.

In addition to these ongoing mediator and facilitator rosters, agencies may solicit mediators and facilitators for individual cases and projects via the state’s procurement website “ORPIN.” By registering in ORPIN mediators and facilitators are able to search for opportunities or be notified as these opportunities arise. For more information about ORPIN see http://www.oregon.gov/DAS/EGS/ps/Pages/eprocurement.aspx

Finally, there are a number of opportunities for mediators and facilitators as a result of programs administered or established by the Oregon Department of Justice. These include:

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