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Multistate Settlement May Help Homeowners


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The nation's five largest banks will provide roughly $25 billion in relief to resolve a multistate investigation of fraudulent and flawed foreclosure practices. Oregon is one of 49 states, including New York and California, that signed on to this agreement which penalizes banks that engaged in wrongful conduct, brings badly needed assistance to distressed homeowners and will help reverse the housing market's downward slide.

Distressed homeowners and Oregonians who have gone through the foreclosure process may be entitled to additional assistance if their mortgage servicer is a party to the multistate settlement. To receive updates as more information becomes available please sign up below. We strongly encourage consumers who have a specific problem with their mortgage servicer to file a complaint with the Attorney General’s Consumer Hotline.

For general questions please see Frequently Asked Questions About The Multistate Settlement. This page will be updated as additional information becomes publicly available.

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