Hiring Mediators or Facilitators

In December of 2016 the Department of Justice, with the assistance of the Department of Administrative Services and the Oregon Consensus Program, issued a Request for Proposals (RFP No. DASPS-2599-16) and established five-year price agreements to provide agencies with a fast and convenient way to access highly qualified ADR providers.

While the Price Agreements are a convenient way to hire a mediator or facilitator, agencies are not required to use this resource. The following table highlights a range of methods by which agencies who are subject to the authority of the Department of Administrative Services may hire ADR Providers:

Method #1 – Small Procurements (ORS 279B.065) #2 – Informal procurement (ORS 279B.070) #3 – Formal procurement(ORS 279B.055 & 279B.060) #4 – Price Agreement  #5 – Litigation Related
(ORS 279A.025(2)(e)
Rules for agencies subject to DAS authority
(Note that agencies not subject to DAS authority, such as ODOT, may use the same statutory procurement methods but follow their own or DOJ rules)
OAR 125-247-0265 OAR 125-247-0270 OAR 125-247-0255 and OAR 125-247-0260
Dollar Limit Not more than $10,000 Not more than $150,000 No Limit No Limit No Limit
Selection Process Select any mediator or facilitator Consider at least three mediators or facilitators and select using criteria Issue a request for proposals and evaluate responses Select any mediator or facilitator with a price agreement Select any mediator or facilitator
Can “mutual selection”(1) be used as a criteria for contractor selection? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Notice of Solicitation to Office of WMSB for each contract/ mediation? Yes Yes Yes No No
Post solicitation notice on OREGONBUYS prior to selecting mediator or facilitator? Yes Yes Yes No No
Negotiate rates and contract with Provider for each mediation? Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Recommended Mediator Contract form Mediator contract form (2) Mediator contract form (2) Mediator contract form (2) Service Order Contract (3) Litigation-Related Mediator Contract (4)


(1) Regarding “Mutual Selection” – DOJ and DAS encourage agencies to select the ADR Provider using a process known as “mutual selection.” Under this process, the agency and the other parties to a dispute examine the Roster and may contact mediators or facilitators to obtain more information on their experience, fees, availability, dispute resolution style, etc. The agency and the other parties then select a mediator or facilitator acceptable to everyone. (If there are many parties involved in a project the agency may wish to select a mediator from the list with the help of a few representative parties.) For agencies subject to DAS rules, mutual selection may be used in any of the procurement processes described above except the formal procurement.

(2) The Personal Services Contract For Mediation/Facilitation Services may be used by any state agency for mediation and facilitation services. DOJ encourages the use of this form as, among other things, it: Clearly lays out the relationship to the agency as a neutral and the expectation that the mediator will disclose to both the agency and the other party any potential conflicts; Addresses the confidential nature of certain mediator communications by limiting agency access to the contractor work product; Allows for other parties to share the costs of the contractor/mediator; and References limitations on mediator liability found in ORS 36.210.

(3) The Service Order Contract form is much simpler than a personal services contract and is available for all ADR Providers who have entered into a Price Agreement with the state. The providers are available on the ADR Provider Roster. (This contract form is specific to each individual ADR Provider.)

(4) The Personal Services Contract For Litigation-Related Mediation Services is a simplified version of the Mediator Personal Services Contract that can be used for litigation-related mediator procurements under ORS 279A.025(2)(e).