Fatherhood Awareness Month

Join the Oregon Child Support Program in celebrating Fatherhood Awareness Month in June, where we recognize the special and crucial role fathers play in children’s lives. Fathers provide critical emotional and financial support in raising children, and they are important role models for their children’s development. Throughout the month, we encourage you to review and share these fatherhood resources that support fathers and families.



Here is an Overview of the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse (NRFC) Website Fatherhood.gov. This overview provides information on features found on Fatherhood.gov and the NRFC website, such as features geared towards fathers, community program resources, upcoming events, a map to assist users with connecting to programs in their area, a research and resource section connecting users to a wealth of information related to fatherhood, and the DadTalk Blog, which features insights from dads and responsible fatherhood practitioners.

For Dads

For Dads is a site developed by the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse that provides information and resources for fathers. Some of the resources on this website are listed below.

Activities for Dads and Kids

Take time to be a dad today! are some ideas for easy, free or low-cost ways to spend quality time with your kids. Use the filter on the left side of the webpage to find activities appropriate for your children’s ages.

Tip Card for Dads of School-Age Children


Check out #DADICATION, a subject-matter documentary exploring the challenges of fatherhood. This short documentary emphasizes how essential fathers are to the lives of their children, illustrates the impact of growing up without a father, provides examples of fathers overcoming numerous barriers to be present for their kids, and demonstrates how fathers and their children are flourishing as a result.

Trailer for the DADication Documentary

Services for Fathers and Families

The Finding Services for Fathers and Families PDF, developed by the federal Administration for Children and Families, lists support resources on topics such as fatherhood programs, child support services, employment, and other important information.

The DadTalk Blog

The DadTalk blog features insights from dads and Responsible Fatherhood practitioners from around the country. Its goal is to start conversations about important issues surrounding fatherhood and programs for fathers today.

Have questions about fatherhood programs, or about fatherhood in general?

Reach out to the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse Call Center for dads and practitioners at 1-877-4DAD411.

For more information and resources, visit: Fatherhood.gov.