Do I need to report independent contractors as new hires?

Posted in on December 21, 2023

Yes, Oregon law (ORS 25.790) requires all Oregon employers to report new and rehired employees, as well as engaged and reengaged individuals—not companies—who are independent contractors. The report must occur within 20 days if submitting the new hire form by... View Article

What does “dishonored payment” mean?

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A dishonored payment is a payment that was returned unpaid to the Oregon DOJ Division of Child Support from your bank. Payments can be returned dishonored due to a lack of funds in your account, a closed account, an inaccurate... View Article

How will I know when my EPW is activated?

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You will receive a notice in the mail prior to the first withdrawal. We must run a “test cycle” through your bank. This test will be run during the first month after the enrollment is approved. Keep making your support... View Article