2019 Attorney General’s Public Law Conference

Attorney General's Public Law Conference
2019 Attorney General’s
Public Law Conference Schedule

The Attorney General’s Public Law Conference, for all state agencies, is scheduled for October 22nd and 23rd , 2019, at the Salem Convention Center. The 2019 Public Law Conference will also offer a post conference workshop for lay representatives on the 24th.

To order conference materials through DAS State Printing, please follow these instructions:

  1. Sign-up for an account (designate a person in your agency to do the ordering).
  2. Have your agency billing number readily available.
  3. Note:  Ordering takes 24 hours to vet the account before you can place your order.
  4. Click here » to place your order.

Questions regarding the Attorney General’s Public Law Conference? Contact us at 503-947-4540 or email us at LawConference@doj.state.or.us.