Child Support Guidelines and Calculations

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Child Support Guidelines

The child support guidelines are the basis for establishing just and appropriate child support obligations for Oregon’s families and children. With the help of the Guidelines Advisory Committee, the Oregon Child Support Program reviewed and updated its child support guidelines in 2013. The updated guidelines are clearer and provide more balance in calculating child support obligations.

The administrative rules for the guidelines and tools like the child support calculator reflect the current guidelines. The guidelines rules are available with commentary to help explain and illustrate the rules. Our guidelines calculator is user-friendly, and an Excel version is available for “power users.


Rules & Laws


Child Support Guideline Rules 137-050

Guideline Rules with Commentary (OAR 137-050) – Compilation of Rules (PDF) »

PDF Version Effective Date
137-050-0700 General Provisions 07/01/13
137-050-0710 Calculating Support 05/22/14
137-050-0715 Income 07/01/16
137-050-0720 Adjusted Income 07/01/13
137-050-0725 Basic Support Obligation 07/01/13
137-050-0730 Parenting Time Credit 07/01/13
137-050-0735 Child Care Costs 04/01/16
137-050-0740 Social Security and Veterans Benefits; Dollar-for-Dollar Reduction in Support Obligation 03/30/15
137-050-0745 Self-Support Reserve 01/01/16
137-050-0750 Medical Support 07/01/16
137-050-0755 Minimum Order 05/22/14
137-050-0760 Rebuttals 07/01/13
137-050-0765 Agreed Support Amount 07/01/13
Scale 01/04/10


Child Support Guidelines Archive

For the current guideline rules, see Child Support Guideline Rules 137-050.

Prior Child Support Guidelines are available via downloadable PDF:

Guidelines Effective 1/4/10 thru 6/30/13

Guidelines Effective 5/7/09 thru 1/3/10

Guidelines Effective 10/1/07 thru 5/6/09

Guidelines Effective 5/12/03 thru 9/30/07

Guidelines Effective thru 5/12/03