Rules Updated In The Last 90 Days

Permanent Rules Effective 03/01/21

Document Description
DOJ 5-2021 Permanent Administrative Order
137-055-1060 Uniform Application for Child Support Enforcement Services
137-055-1160 Confidentiality – Finding of Risk and Order for Nondisclosure of Information
137-055-2165 Requests to Reschedule Hearing
137-055-3440 Effective Date of Modification Under ORS 25.527
137-055-3495 Redirection of Support

Permanent Rules Effective 02/01/21

Document Description
DOJ 4-2021 Permanent Administrative Order
137-055-1120 Case Closure
137-055-3020 Paternity Establishment Procedures
137-055-3080 Responsibility of Administrator to Establish Paternity at Request of Self-Alleged Father
137-055-4060 Income Withholding — General Provisions, Requirements and Definitions
137-055-4520 Garnishment

Permanent Rules Effective 01/07/21

Document Description
DOJ 1-2021 Permanent Administrative Order
137-055-1070 Provision of Services
137-055-2045 Spousal Support