Rules Updated In The Last 90 Days

Temporary Rules Effective 09/05/18

Document Description
DOJ 21-2018 Temporary Administrative Order
DOJ 21-2018 Tracked Changes
137-055-6022 Distribution and Disbursement

Permanent Rules Effective 09/05/18

Document Description
DOJ 20-2018 Permanent Administrative Order
DOJ 20-2018 Tracked Changes
DOJ 19-2018 Permanent Administrative Order
DOJ 19-2018 Tracked Changes
137-055-1010 Applicability of Rules in OAR 137, Division 55
137-055-1080 Fees
137-055-2020 Case Assignment
137-055-4340 Collection of Delinquent Support Obligations Through the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury
137-055-4420 License Suspension
137-055-4520 Garnishment
137-055-4560 Consumer Credit Reporting Agencies
137-055-5040 Accrual and Due Dates
137-055-5060 Billings for Support Payments
137-055-5510 Request for Credit Against Child Support Arrears for Physical Custody of Child
137-055-6010 Definitions for Distribution and Disbursement
137-055-6020 Disbursement by Electronic Funds Transfer/Electronic Data Interchange
137-055-6021 Allocation, Distribution, and Disbursement: General Provisions
137-055-6023 Exceptions to Distribution and Disbursement
137-055-6024 Allocation of Collections to Multiple Cases
137-055-6210 Advance Payments of Child Support
137-055-6220 Recovery of Overpayments on Support Accounts
137-055-6260 Return of Overcollected Support Amounts
137-055-7190 Review and Modification in Intergovernmental Cases

Permanent Rules Effective 08/20/18

Document Description
DOJ 18-2018 Permanent Administrative Order
DOJ 18-2018 Tracked Changes
137-055-3410 Notice and Finding of Financial Responsibility or Modification
137-055-3420 Periodic Review and Modification of Child Support Order Amounts
137-055-3430 Substantial Change in Circumstance Modification of Child Support Order Amounts
137-055-3480 Modification of a Support Order to Zero
137-055-3485 Establishment or Modification for Child Who Is Approaching or Has Reached 18 Years of Age 

Permanent Rules Effective 07/01/18

Document Description
DOJ 9-2018 Permanent Administrative Order
137-050-0745 Self-Support Reserve
137-050-0765 Agreed Support Amount

Permanent Rules Commentary Updates 07/01/18

Document Description
137-050-0720 Adjusted Income (Commentary edit only)
137-050-0735 Child Care Costs (Commentary edit only)
137-050-0740 Social Security and Veterans Benefits; Dollar-for-Dollar Reduction in Support Obligation (Commentary edit only)