Rules Updated In The Last 90 Days

Permanent Rules Effective 01/01/18

Document Description
DOJ_12-2017 DOJ_12-2017 Permanent Administrative Order 137-050
DOJ_13-2017 DOJ_13-2017 Permanent Administrative Order 137-055
137-050-0755 Minimum Order
137-055-3020 Paternity Establishment Procedures
137-055-3080 Responsibility of Administrator to Establish Paternity at Request of Self-Alleged Fathers
137-055-3140 Reopening of Paternity Cases
137-055-3300 Incarcerated Obligors
137-055-3430 Substantial Change in Circumstance Review and Modification Of Child Support Order Amounts
137-055-3440 Effective Date of Modification under ORS 416.425
137-055-4060 Income Withholding — General Provisions, Requirements and Definitions
137-055-4320 Collection of Delinquent Support Obligations Through the Oregon Department of Revenue
137-055-4510 Financial Institution Data Matches – Insurance Claims
137-055-4520 Garnishment
137-055-4560 Consumer Credit Reporting Agencies
137-055-5040 Accrual and Due Dates
137-055-5080 Adding Interest Calculations to Individual Child Support Cases
137-055-5120 Child Attending School – Arrears
137-055-5240 Credit for Support Payments Not Made to the Division of Child Support
137-055-6021 Distribution and Disbursement: General Provisions

Permanent Rules Effective 10/06/17

Document Description
137-055-1100 Continuation of Service
137-055-1120 Case Closure
137-055-2045 Spousal Support
137-055-2160 Requests for Hearing
137-055-2165 Requests to Reschedule Hearing
137-055-3240 Establishment of Arrears
137-055-4040 New Hire Reporting Requirements