Rules Updated In The Last 90 Days

Permanent Rules Effective 10/01/19

Document Description
DOJ 10-2019 Permanent Administrative Order
DOJ 10-2019 Changes Shown
137-055-1080 Fees

Permanent Rules Effective 09/27/19

Document Description
DOJ 11-2019 Permanent Administrative Order
DOJ 11-2019 Changes Shown
137-055-3485 Establishment or Modification for a Child Who Is Approaching or Has Reached 18 Years of Age

Temporary Rules Effective 08/01/19

Document Description
Cover Letter Summary
DOJ 8-2019 Temporary Administrative Order – Changes Shown
137-055-3300 Incarcerated Obligors
137-055-3410 Notice and Finding of Financial Responsibility or Modification
137-055-3460 Processing Modifications when Unable to Find a Party
137-055-3480 Modification of a Support Order to Zero or Termination of a Support Order