Rules Updated In The Last 90 Days

Temporary Rules Effective 09/08/20

Document Description
DOJ 56-2020 Temporary Administrative Order
Cover Letter Cover Letter
137-055-1060 Changes Shown
137-055-1060 Uniform Application for Child Support Enforcement Services

Statutory Minor Correction Effective 09/03/20

Document Description
DOJ 57-2020 Statutory Minor Correction
137-055-3410 Notice and Finding of Financial Responsibility or Modification

Permanent Rules Effective 08/07/20

Document Description
DOJ 55-2020 Permanent Administrative Order
137-055-3490 Suspension of Enforcement
137-055-6010 Definitions for Distribution and Disbursement
137-055-6021 Allocation, Distribution, and Disbursement: General Provisions
137-055-6022 Distribution and Disbursement
137-055-6024 Allocation of Collections to Multiple Cases

Permanent Rules Effective 07/01/20

Document Description
DOJ 54-2020 Permanent Administrative Order
137-050-0745 Self-Support Reserve

Permanent Rules Effective 06/23/20

Document Description
DOJ 53-2020 Permanent Administrative Order
137-055-3660 Multiple Child Support Judgements

Temporary Rules Effective 06/17/20

Document Description
DOJ 52-2020 Temporary Administrative OrderSummary | Changes Shown
137-055-3430 Substantial Change in Circumstance Modification of Child Support Order Amounts