Do I need to report independent contractors as new hires?

Posted in on December 22, 2023

Yes, Oregon law (ORS 25.790) requires all Oregon employers report new and rehired employees, as well as engaged and reengaged individuals—not companies—who are independent contractors. The report must occur within 20 days if submitting the new hire form by mail,... View Article

Will employer packets vary?

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Yes. Although the income withholding order for child support should be the same from every state because it is a standardized federal form, each state has different forms that will accompany the withholding order.

What do I receive as the employer?

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The Oregon Child Support Program issues the federal form Income Withholding for Support, along with an Income Withholding for Support Address Cover Letter. These forms provide a summary of all the information you need to comply with the income withholding... View Article