How do I contact my case manager?

Posted in on April 26, 2017

You can reach your case manager through your online account or by contacting Customer Service at 800-850-0228 or

Do I have any alternatives to income withholding?

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All new or modified child support orders normally require income withholding. The court or Oregon Child Support Program may grant an exception to income withholding by making a written finding that there is “good cause” not to require income withholding.... View Article

Where can I mail a child support payment?

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Mail checks or money orders payable to Oregon Child Support Program to: Oregon Child Support Program Oregon Department of Justice PO Box 14506 Salem, Oregon 97309 Please include the child support case numbers or the last four digits of the Social... View Article

What services are not provided?

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Legal Advice – The Oregon Child Support Program represents the state of Oregon and we cannot offer legal advice. Any person involved in a case handled by the program may hire an attorney at their own expense. In contempt and criminal... View Article

How do I receive services?

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If your child receives public assistance from the Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS), your child support case should be referred automatically to the DOJ Division of Child Support for Oregon Child Support Program services. That is also true if... View Article

What is expected of me?

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If you are thinking of applying for public assistance, you may want to contact the Oregon Child Support Program first. We may be able to help you get child support, which may mean you can avoid going on public assistance.... View Article

Who do I contact for child support services?

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If you have questions about establishing paternity, or establishing, modifying, or ensuring compliance with a support order, contact Customer Service at 800-850-0228 or

Who provides child support services?

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The Oregon Child Support Program is the state-run federal program that provides full child support services to anyone who requests them, regardless of income. The Oregon Child Support Program is administered by the Oregon Department of Justice (DOJ) Division of... View Article

Who can receive child support services?

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Child support services are available to both parents. Even if you or the other parent live in another state, you can apply for child support services in Oregon. Relatives or other caretakers who have physical custody of a child are... View Article