What happens if I close my bank account?

Posted in on April 26, 2017

You will need to open another savings or checking account and enroll in direct deposit or enroll in the ReliaCard program. If you do not enroll in either program, you will automatically be enrolled in the ReliaCard program.

When will my direct deposit go into effect?

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Once your authorization form has been received and processed, a three-business day “prenote” process occurs. This allows the Oregon State Treasury time to verify that the account provided will accept direct deposit. Once the prenote process is complete, an activation... View Article

Do I need to include anything else with my application?

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If depositing to a checking account, attach a preprinted VOIDED check or other bank documentation. Or your financial institution representative may sign or stamp your completed authorization or provide you with a bank authorization letter.

How do I request direct deposit?

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The Enrollment/Authorization Form (CSF 080700A) » is available both online or by mail, if necessary. To request an Enrollment Authorization Form by mail, call 800-850-0228.

What are the benefits of direct deposit?

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No need to go to a bank Eliminates the possibility of lost or stolen checks Payments are still deposited even if you’re away and your mail is held Funds may be available sooner than paper checks