Criminal Fine Account (CFA) Funding

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Helping Victims Navigate the Criminal Justice System

In 2011, the Oregon Legislature modified the Criminal Fines Assessment Account (CFAA). The new Criminal Fine Account (CFA) is larger and will fund more services. CFA grants are awarded to prosecutor-based victim assistance programs (PDF) » to fund services that help victims navigate the criminal justice system and provide support through court proceedings.

Victim assistance program services include:

  • informing victims of their rights
  • involving victims in the decision making process
  • ensuring that victims are informed of the status of their case
  • helping victims apply for compensation benefits
  • familiarizing victims with court procedures
  • assisting victims with the logistics of appearing in court and accompanying them to court hearings
  • encouraging victims to testify
  • helping victims request the return of property held as evidence

CFA Funding Contact

Jeanette Ewald, Fund Coordinator

1162 Court St. NE
Salem, OR 97301-4096
Phone: 503-378-6881

Eligibility to Receive CFA Funding

To qualify for approval by CVSD, a victims’ assistance program must:

  • Be administered by the district attorney of the county or city attorney of the city
  • Provide services to victims of all crimes
    Give service priority to victims of serious crimes against persons
  • Collaborate with community-based and government agencies to benefit victims
  • Provide the following core services:
    • Informing victims, as soon as practicable, of the rights granted to victims under Oregon law
    • Advocating for victims of serious person crimes as they move through the criminal justice system and advocate, when requested, for all other victims of crime
    • Involving victims, when practicable or legally required, in the decision-making process in the criminal justice system
    • Ensuring that victims are informed, upon request, of the status of the criminal case involving the victim
    • Assist victims in preparing and submitting crime victims’ compensation program claims to the Department of Justice under ORS 147.005 to 147.367 »
    • Assisting victims in preparing restitution documentation for purposes of obtaining a restitution order
    • Preparing victims for court hearings by informing them of the procedures involved
    • Assisting victims with the logistics related to court appearances when practicable and requested
    • Accompanying victims to court hearings when practicable and requested
    • Encouraging and facilitating victims’ testimony
    • Informing victims of the process necessary to request the return of property held as evidence.
    • Program development, technical assistance, and training are provided from this division for the local programs throughout the state. Certification of compliance for each program is achieved through site visits and review of annual reports.

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