Joint Non-Competitive Funds for Services to Domestic and Sexual Violence Survivors

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Formula for Joint Non-Competitive Funds

A combination of state and federal funds administered by Oregon Department of Justice (ODOJ) and the Oregon Department of Human Services (ODHS) are allocated through a joint formula and awarded to non-profit organizations that provide advocacy services to victims and survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking and dating violence. The joint formula was established in 2006 after completion of an ‘Equity Allocation Study’ which examined methods of equitably distributing non-competitive federal and state grant funds across the state. The formula is designed to cover personnel costs only in providing a critical response to survivors. It is not intended to meet the full funding needs of organizations and programs identified as recipients within the joint formula. The formula established a base amount for a given service area. Additional funds are then distributed by population for each service area. To learn more about the history and structure of the joint formula, read Funding Towards Equity(PDF)».

Each biennium, ODOJ and ODHS release a joint application for the Joint Non-Competitive Funds.

Domestic and Sexual Violence (DSV) Services Statewide Report

The DSV Services Statewide Report is required of non-profit organizations and Tribal Nation victim services programs that receive Joint Non-Competitive Funds from ODOJ and ODHS. This report replaces the long-standing “Striving to Meet the Need” report. The DSV Services Statewide Report must be submitted every six months with the progress reports for the Joint Non-Competitive Funds.

DSV Services Statewide Report Instructions (PDF)»
DSV Services Statewide Report Template (XLSX)»

Instructions for tracking and submitting data required by this report may differ depending on the type of software used (e.g. OSNIUM). Recorded webinars are available to watch for further guidance.

DSV Services Statewide Report for OSNIUM users: September 13, 2021 »
DSV Services Statewide Report for non-OSNIUM users: September 14, 2021»
DSV Services Statewide Report for Tribal Nations Victim Services Programs: September 28, 2021 »

Oregon Domestic and Sexual Violence Services (ODSVS) Funds

All ODSVS funds are allocated and awarded through the formula for the Joint Non-Competitive Funds. The major portion of ODSVS funds support the provision of domestic violence services, including prevention and legal services. A portion of ODSVS funds are ‘set aside’ or designated for the provision of sexual assault and culturally specific services.

Learn more about ODSVS:

Oregon Revised Statutes pertaining to ODSVS »
Oregon Administrative Rules pertaining to ODSVS »
History of the ODSVS Fund 2001-2020 (PDF)»

Find more contact information assigned to specific programs with Fund Coordinators Across the State (PDF) »

For information about grantee training requirements, please visit: Training Resources for CVSSD Grantees »