Compensation for Victims of Crime

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Easing Financial Burdens for Victims and Their Families

Oregon Crime Victims’ Compensation (CVC) Program was created to assist victims of violent crime with expenses associated with the crime. This includes domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, robbery, (CVC cannot replace items that were stolen during the robbery), assault, homicide, or other compensable crime resulting in a physical or psychological injury. In the aftermath of a crime, CVC works to ease the financial burden suffered by thousands of Oregonians each year. 

CVC is unable to provide immediate financial assistance and the only monetary reimbursements that can be made are related to lost wages and reimbursements for crime-related expenses.

CVC can not reimburse damages for property crimes, or pay for relocation costs. If you are looking for housing assistance, please contact your local advocacy program » .  

If you received a pocket card from law enforcement, please reach out to the number listed for your local County Victim Assistance Program » for assistance.

An approved claim may include the following benefits for victims and their families:

  • Mental health counseling expenses for victims and family members of children of sexual or physical abuse with a licensed provider
  • Medical and hospital expenses
  • Replacement of damaged eyeglasses, hearing aids, dentures and other medically necessary devices and expenses (must be mentioned in the police report or medical chart notes)
  • Rehabilitation expenses (up to $4,000 award)
  • Loss of earnings (missed earnings must be verified and more than two weeks must be verified by a physician – Paid Leave Oregon and Short Term Disability are considered prior resources to CVC lost wages reimbursement)
  • Funeral expenses (up to $5,000 award payable to a funeral service provider. An additional benefit may be accessible to families who have paid out of pocket for additional costs associated wtih funeral, burial, memorial, or celebration of life costs.)
  • Loss of financial support to dependents of homicide victims (The victim’s earnings and dependents of the victim must be verified.)
  • Grief counseling expenses for relatives of homicide victims with a licensed provider
  • Counseling expenses for children who witness domestic violence with a licensed provider
  • Counseling expenses for family members of any victim of international terrorism who resides in Oregon
  • Crime scene clean-up (up to $2,500) when a compensable crime occurred in a private residence
  • Loss of wage reimbursement for guardians of minor child victims, up to $5,000 (the parent or guardian must be caring for the child’s physical or emotional needs following the compensable crime to be eligible for this reimbursement)
  • Limited counseling benefit for victims who experience compensable crimes who do not report to law enforcement, receive an order of protection or receive a forensic examination. ($5,000 benefit)

Medical insurance is a prior resource and must be utilized prior to CVC reimbursement.

If a crime involved a motor vehicle, auto insurance must be utilized prior to CVC reimbursement.

How to Apply for Crime Victims’ Compensation (CVC)



Crime Victims’ Compensation Program
Oregon Department of Justice
1162 Court St. NE
Salem, Oregon 97301-4096

Phone: 503-378-5348
Fax: 503-378-5738